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Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark- The GLA:D Program at Clayton Physio

Our physiotherapists are now accredited practitioners with the GLA:D program; which is a unique exercise and rehabilitation program for people suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis. We are the only clinic in Clayton offering the GLA:D program. This unique combination of exercise and education over a 6 week period and has shown exciting results in […]

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Update: Renovation complete, new physiotherapist and more!

There have been exciting changes here at The Sports and Spinal Clinic over the summer holiday period. We have completed our renovations and have created a brand new rehab gym space and reception area. In January 2019, the Sports and Spinal team welcomed a new physiotherapist to our team – Shreya Dogra. She will be […]

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Sports Medicine Approach to Workplace Injuries

Clayton Sports and Spinal Clinic takes a sports medicine approach to the management of workplace injuries. Using the latest evidence based approaches that see sports people resume their sporting careers, Clayton Sports and Spinal Clinic brings this approach to workplace injuries. As testament to our success in this area, we continue to offer very successful […]

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We have expanded our Aquatic Physiotherapy Service….

Great news to everyone who has been asking. We are now offering more sessions in the pool than ever before. With both male and female physiotherapists running hydrotherapy there now is really no reason to put off starting a program. Aquatic Physiotherapy is a great, fun way to exercise, that’s low impact and has many […]

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Exercise and Fibromyalgia

An easy to read and understand information sheet has been developed by Arthritis Victoria addressing exercise in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This is a guide only and you should consult your physiotherapist for a specific and individual program to address your needs. See the full information sheet here

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Musculoskeletal Conditions Affect Lots of People

Musculoskeletal conditions affect lots of people, not just older people. A report by Arthritis Victoria and Osteoporosis Victoria includes conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and back pain. They set out to analyse the prevalence and cost to the Australian community of these chronic musculoskeletal conditions. At the Clayton Sports and Spinal Clinic, we […]

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Is Barefoot Running Good for you?

Many athletes, and runners are no different, are a hugely trendy, easily influenced, group of people who will jump onto all sorts of bandwagons in the pursuit of improving their performance. Without being too negative, athletes can be highly emotional and passionate, but easily influenced group, who will adopt new practices rapidly if there is […]

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Importance of Complete rehabilitation following knee injury. Knee Review 2013.

As we review our rehabilitation programs for major knee problems there appears to be one re occurring theme. It seems many people return to sports and recreational activities following knee injury with an incomplete rehabilitation. This is particularly so in looking at people returning to sport following ACL surgery. This becomes very evident on testing, […]

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Updated Eccentric Program for Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopthy, or tendonitis as it may be called, is a persistent hard to fix problem that is the curse of many people engaged in impact and running sports. This is particularly true in middle age athletes where the quality of the tendon starts to be effected by age change. What for many starts as […]

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ACL Prevention Program has been Revised

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) ruptures continue to be an extremely common presentation to sports medicine facilities throughout the country yet few people are aware of the mounting evidence that the incidence of ACL injuries can be reduced in some populations by completing an ACL Prevention Program. In the last two years positive data is being […]

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