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About Us

Cameron McCormack - Principal Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Cameron is your go to guy for running, martial arts and lower limb injuries. He holds numerous qualifications in both physiotherapy and health and fitness (too many to list here) and loves a good podcast about humans pushing themselves to the limit. Cam considers himself exceptionally lucky when it comes to work. He has never viewed physiotherapy as a job. “My job is like a great detective game sorting out what’s driving a problem and then solving it. It can be extremely challenging at times but so rewarding”. Cam has been in the Physiotherapy and Health and Fitness industry for over 30 years.

Otherwise: Cam has always loved the outdoors. In his 20’s you could find him either in the mountains in Canada or at a beach in Australia. Now he likes to share those passions with his family whether it be hiking barefoot along a Kimberley Beach or skiing down some crazy steep mountain. Famous for the words – “it will be fine” or “you worry too much” – he is the first to laugh about things when they go slightly a miss.


Nicola McCormack - Physiotherapist

When Nicola is your physio, you know that she will listen and guide management of your condition with compassion and empathy, backed by 20 years of experience. She is passionate about good health, preventative care and keeping people ageing well. Nicola will work with you to set goals and help you reach them through evidence-based physiotherapy. This might involve aqua therapy, Pilates, a structed exercise program, hands on treatment, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness. Nicola also works as an Accredited Assessor for the Australian Physiotherapy Council, assessing international physiotherapists for registration in Australia.
Nicola’s passion for looking after yourself is infectious.

Otherwise: She is passionate about living sustainably, growing veggies, cooking with her children, the footy (go Demons), playing hockey, running and skiing. She is an ideas person and can be seen creating, organising and implementing fundraising events at her children’s school that are in line with her sustainability and healthy living values to spread the word.

Lucy- Practice Manager

Lucy began working in reception at the end of 2017 after finishing high school. She is the friendly face to welcome you to the clinic and has gained experience managing and organising administrative duties. Lucy’s goal is to help you fit in physio appointments around your daily life and commitments.

Otherwise: When she’s not on campus completing her degree at Melbourne University, Lucy enjoys playing soccer and netball, watching the Demons at the MCG and morning walks around the Tan with her friends- and her Golden Retriever puppy!

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