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Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark- GLA:D Program

Our physiotherapists are accredited practitioners with the GLA:D program; which is a unique exercise and rehabilitation program for people suffering from hip and knee osteoarthritis.

What does the GLA:D program involve?

The 6-week program includes 2 group exercise sessions per week and 2 education sessions.  GLA:D sessions will run across multiple weekdays at various time slots, in groups with a maximum of 5 participants supervised by GLA:D accredited physiotherapists.

Why is GLA:D unique?

The GLA:D program combines exercise and education to reduce symptom regression and specifically target those with hip and knee osteoarthritis.

We are the only clinic in Clayton to offer this program.

How can patients participate in a GLA:D program at our clinic?

Anyone experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis in the hip or knee can participate. Referral is not essential but welcome.

Private, TAC, and Workcover patients can participate, however Medicare EPC referrals can only be used to partially cover the cost of GLA:D exercise sessions.

FIND OUT MORE: Download our GLA:D information sheet here, or email us at to receive an information package

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