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Updated Eccentric Program for Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopthy, or tendonitis as it may be called, is a persistent hard to fix problem that is the curse of many people engaged in impact and running sports. This is particularly true in middle age athletes where the quality of the tendon starts to be effected by age change. What for many starts as a bit of Achilles soreness post run, often progresses and becomes more severe with time. Without guidance athletes often poorly mange themselves resting from activity for inappropriate times and resuming with inappropriate training loads.

For these people it is often several months before they seek advice and management meaning they have often reached a more chronic phase of the pathology. In recent times we have been using eccentric exercise programs as a highly effective means of managing these persistent tendon problems.

Following a detailed assessment we implement an eccentric training program as well as other er modulates to rehabilitate the tendon. Following this an appropriate reloading strategy is implementing allowing the athlete to return to sport.

So if you have been experiencing pain or stiffness in the Achilles tendon the first message is to get it assessed. Continuing to train on these problems often shifts the problem from an acute problem to a more persistent chronic problem which becomes more challenging to manage and resolve.

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