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ACL Prevention Program has been Revised

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) ruptures continue to be an extremely common presentation to sports medicine facilities throughout the country yet few people are aware of the mounting evidence that the incidence of ACL injuries can be reduced in some populations by completing an ACL Prevention Program.

In the last two years positive data is being published in journals like the American Journal of Sports Medicine showing that these programs can reduce the incidence of ACL injuries particularly in younger sportswomen.

Our ACL Prevention Program now includes a video analysis assessment and the prescription of an individually tailored program that can be completed either before training or on non training days. For low risk athletes a generic program can be used.

If you are playing high risk sports such as soccer, football or netball then I think common sense says you should be completing these programs. These programs offer you a great opportunity to reduce risk for an injury that often results in operative management and a 12 month rehabilitation.

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