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World Physiotherapy Day- September 8th

Did you know people with mental health issues are more at risk of having poor physical health?

This Saturday September 8th is World Physiotherapy Day, where we celebrate the role of physiotherapists in keeping our communities healthy and happy. This year, our focus is implementing physiotherapy to help improve the mental health of patients through exercise.

Physios can listen, help you set goals, create programs and motivate you to help stay well both physically and mentally.

Exercise can help manage depression and other mental health conditions in many ways, including:

  • improving self esteem and social connectedness
  • exercise has a biological antidepressant effect
  • crucial in developing goal-setting habits

All year round physiotherapists work hard to ensure Australian’s are staying healthy and doing what they love. This week, we encourage all of you to embrace World Physiotherapy Day and “Get Active and Stay Active”!¬†

For more information, visit the Australian Physiotherapy Association website.

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