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Workplace and Industrial Injuries

In addition to all our physiotherapist being accredited with the Victorian Workplace Authority, our clinic is also part of the Early Intervention Program. Physiotherapists in this program receive extra training in workplace injury management and are part of a program aimed at achieving better outcomes for injured workers. At the Sports and Spinal Clinic we believe you should not be disadvantaged because your injury happened at work. By integrating sports medicine principles into your rehabilitation, we will work hard to help you recover and get back to where you want to be as soon as possible.

We work closely with you to ensure both you, your employer and doctor understand your injury and treatment. When it comes time for you to return to work we can help put in place realistic goals for your return to ensure you achieve the best outcomes possible.
As testament to our success in this area, we continue to offer very successful early intervention programs and proactive strategies for businesses aiming to prevent
workplace injuries.

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