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Sports Injuries

All our physiotherapists are keen sportspeople themselves. All therapists have extensive experience in treating the sporting population and their injuries. From the elite sports person through to the recreational athlete, we offer individually designed programs to get you back on the track as soon as possible. Following a detailed assessment and diagnosis drawing on all the latest research and clinical data available, we will explain all your management options and help you devise the best outcome for you and your situation.

Whether it be an acute injury such as a hamstring strain, ankle or knee ligament sprain or a chronic frustrating overuse injury such as an Achilles tendonopathy,  we will help devise the best treatment strategy available to you.  We will aim to not only help you get back to your sport as soon as possible but also keep you there.

We can offer strategies within your training program to help prevent reoccurrence of injuries and help you to achieve your body’s potential.

If your body is holding you up from achieving what you set out to do, maybe it’s time you did something about it.

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